Mission Statement

NYIOP is a service organization dedicated to helping the performing arts industry, especially the opera industry, make connections, develop emerging trends and technologies and innovate resources and operations. We do this by scouting the world for emerging and established talent, we leverage this experience by presenting a series of live auditions as well as by offering a number of online services for sourcing and marketing talent worldwide as well as multiple personal development seminars to help artists be better prepared for a career.

With a strong belief in transparency and self-reliance in the arts, we offer access to essential information within the industry and seek to transmit this information to and from all sectors of our business to bridge the knowledge gaps that currently exist. We enact all of our goals from a foundation of deep respect for tradition and an abiding love for the artforms within which we work. This comes from our unique perspective of having been artists ourselves as well as businessmen, entrepreneurs, managers and administrators.


NYIOP was founded in 2002 with the goal of providing useful services to the opera industry.  We began with a simple premise of bridging the gap between Europe and the USA for casting by organizing the NYIOP Auditions – where we reversed the then-traditional process of the singers organizing long and expensive audition tours to Europe by bringing multiple casting directors to New York City to hear singers thereby saving thousands of dollars for the artists.

After 12 seasons of these auditions, expanding all over the world each season since, we have truly brought the world together and made professional connections between artist, agencies, theaters and other professionals in a way that no other company has succeeded.

Our auditions have hosted over 160 international theaters, heard over 10,000 artists around the world, taken place in over 25 international locations and netted countless contract offers for artists participating.  Artists have found managers, managers have opened new doors for their artists and many artists you see on the world’s biggest stages today were first heard by those theaters in a NYIOP Audition.  We have literally changed the way the world auditions.

During the past seasons, one of the most important roles NYIOP has played around the world is by scouting and DISCOVERING talent internationally.  Due to the time and financial restraints in today’s world, no casting director or manager has the time to truly scout talent at an international level.  That is the biggest service NYIOP provides to the industry – we DO have the time and we make it our business to seek out new markets where talent is developing, go to those markets as well as established markets, an hear talent again and again.  With a new commitment to INFORMING all artists and other professionals of the most up-to-date trends and processes in our industry, NYIOP is truly at the vanguard of shaping talent sourcing into the future.

We track the artists we scout as they develop, provide educational and development services and help to make the proper connections when the time is right.  Additionally, we constantly consult with numerous theaters and professionals to report about our scouting ventures and talent worldwide.  Thru our NYIOP Auditions, online and professional development services and ongoing information sharing, we are CONNECTING all sectors of our industry.

These initiatives, coupled with new and constantly evolving suite of services and connections, NYIOP has established that it is the primary company INNOVATING the opera industry today

The NYIOP Team

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Olga Ahn