Baroque Zoom Auditions

This year our annual Baroque repertoire auditions will take place entirely ONLINE via Zoom!

Sing a Fully LIVE Audition Experience from ANYWHERE in the WORLD via Zoom on 24 May 2021

Image by Dieter K

Baroque Repertoire Zoom Auditions 

24 May 2021

9:00-15:30 NYC time  (15:00-21:30 EU time)

Every year since 2016, NYIOP has held a Baroque-repertoire Specialist audition in combination with the Karlsruhe Handel Festival in Karlsruhe, Germany.  This year we will do something special!


Now ANY Baroque singer can present themselves LIVE via Zoom to a group of producers and casting directors who are specifically 

interested in or specialize in Baroque repertoire!  

ANY Artists from ANYWHERE in the world can be heard!  Artists can either provide their own accompaniment either LIVE or from a playback or they can contact NYIOP and they can hire our pianist to record a custom playback of up to FOUR pieces.


Here is a list of who is confirmed so far to attend the 2021 Baroque Zoom Auditions:

  • Innsbrucker Festwochen der Alten Musik

  • Festival Valle d'Itria Martina Franca Italy

  • Fondazione Arturo Toscanini Parma

  • Baroque Opera Festival - Teatro Farnese Parma

  • Bayreuth Baroque Opernfestspiele 

  • Parnassus Arts Vienna

  • Stage Door Management Italy

  • Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe / Intl Handel Festival

  • Theater Regensburg

  • Oper Leipzig

  • Bregenzer Festival

  • Le Banquet Céleste, Paris

  • plus others will be listed as confirmed!

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“Прослушивания NYIOP дают возможность молодым певцам начать международную оперную карьеру. Я очень счастлива, что благодаря Дэвиду Блекберну и прослушиваниям я получила контракт с одним из лучших европейских оперных театров, в котором начну работать уже в сентябре этого года.”​



“The return on my investment over the years has been huge. I personally have been hired more than 6 times from extremely good theaters through out Europe, China, and the USA. ” 

Dmitry Belosselskiy-1.jpeg


“I am very grateful to NYIOP and personally to David Blackburn. When I was  just starting my career, I received a number of important contracts after auditioning at NYIOP and so did several friends of mine. Therefore I strongly recommend any young singer to take part in these auditions.”

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