Frequently asked questions

Before the Audition

What is NYIOP?

NYIOP is a professional service organization that creates projects aimed at helping singers from all over the world be heard by and hired by theaters and festivals.

How does NYIOP work?

Since 2002, we have organize groups of casting professionals in central locations around the world and singers interested in auditioning register to audition for the group presented. As a proactive response to the need to discover and hear talent in the post-COVID opera world, beginning with September 2020, we are organizing NYIOP Virtual Auditions via both Zoom and Live Streaming in major international cities.

Who attends the auditions?

The auditions are represented by the casting managers or other casting personnel from the theaters attending the audition. For the 2020 Virtual Auditions, all auditions will have actualy casting professionals, agencies and other influencers from the opera business participating in each project.

Who can sing for NYIOP?

Any aspiring or established professional opera singer is welcome to audition for every project.

Is there an age limit?

No, there is no age limit. Any artist viable to be cast in any role, not just the main roles in an opera, is useful to hear in an audition.

What does it cost?

The fee to participate varies slightly due to the costs for each project. However, most in-person project fees are around $300-350 The fees for the virtual auditions vary. Most Zoom projects are between $100-150 and the live streamed projects are $250. All NYIOOP fees cover the costs for organizing and producing these events around the world.

How do I prepare for a NYIOP?

A NYIOP audition functions like any standard opera audition. You prepare a list of arias that represent what roles you feel you are prepared to sing professionally. The NYIOP Virtual Zoom Auditions take place online via Zoom and the artist may join from their home or any location where they feel they present themselves best. However the process is the same for prepartion. NYIOP Live Streamed Auditions indeed function like a standard in-person audition with the exception that the panel is not actually in the room, but is watching your audition via a live stream from all over the world.

Do I have to be managed to sing?

No, any singer managed or UN-managed can sing for a NYIOP audition. There is no preference given to managed singers.

How can I register?

It is very easy! You simply follow THIS LINK and choose the session you wish to attend. If you have registered before you can enter your login information or, if you are new to NYIOP, you simply enter very simple information. You can choose the date and specific time you wish to audition then complete payment of the participation fee and you are confirmed. This process is the same for all 2020 NYIOP Virtual Auditions.

Can I pay the fee in cash?

Unfortunately, no. All payment must be completely via PayPal, Venmo, TransferWise or via bank transfer.

How do I pay the fee?

We accept credit card payment via or it is possible to make a bank transfer to pay the participation fee. We also accept Venmo (@nyiop) or TransferWise for payments. Write us at for more information.

Does NYIOP Provide any information helping me prepare before the audition?

NYIOP's founder David Blackburn is sometimes available for private consultations before and after in-person sessions for an additional fee. For the Virtual Auditions, NYIOP offers an add-on privste preparation before and short feedback after for those who participate in the Zoom Auditions only. This allows for our experts to help you set-up properly to best present yourself via Zoom and give s short feedback after of how the audition was received. This is for an additional fee and can be booked at the same time as your audition registration.

Is there a preliminary screening?

No. Every singer who completes registration for the session will be heard by the entire panel attending the session. The only exceptions to this are the NYIOP Internatinal Management Zoom Auditions and the NYIOP+Premiere Opera International Vocal Competition. For both of these we require either a pre-recorded video submission or a live Preliminary Zoom audition to be passed to the secondary or final rounds of the projects.

How is it possible to know which of the theaters listed will be there when I sing?

We are very strict that all theaters attending must be present for all auditions presented. For the 2020 NYIOP Virtual Zoom Auditions, the panel will be visible and present for the auditions. Each singer will also receive an email with the information of who attended their Zoom audition. For the 2020 NYIOP Live Streamed Auditions the list of who attended throughout the live stream will be sent after the audition.

During the Audition

What is a good format for my CV/resume?

We strongly encourage artists to format their resumes to ONE PAGE ONLY with your photo placed into the document itself and this should ALWAYS have your complete contact information clearly listed – here is an example: RESUME SAMPLE

What do I sing?

When you begin your audition, you start with the aria of your choice. You first aria should show you the best possible vocally, personality and should be no more than 3-4 minutes long so we have time to hear a contrasting piece.

Is a pianist provided by NYIOP? Do I have to pay extra for that?

This will also be specifically covered in the confirmation email you will receive. Usually, in New York City, the pianist is not provided as there are many high-level professional audition pianists available in NYC. In other cities, the pianist may be provided but an additional fee must be paid for their services. In some cases, you are free to bring your own pianist to the audition however the fee to the arranged pianist must be paid regardless upon condition of their service. For the 2020 NYIOP Live Streamed Auditions, a pianist will be provided and, due to health regulations and movement, each singer must use the pianist provided.

What do I wear?

We encourage artists to come dressed as you would to a job interview. However, each artist is individual and you should dress to represent yourself.

How many arias do I present?

Usually artists present between 4-5 arias on a Repertoire Sheet provided to the panel at your audition. The NYIOP Zoom Auditions will be scheduled at 10-minute intervals and we will hold very strictly to those time restraints. The NYIOP Live Streamed Auditions will function as a standard in-person audition.

What is a Repertoire Sheet?

This is a simple sheet of paper where you list the arias you are offering for the audition. This should also contain your contact information. Here is a good example to follow: SAMPLE REPERTOIRE SHEET

How many arias will I sing?

The number of arias will be determined by the needs of the panel. Some artists sing only their first aria and many times this shows all the panel needs to hear. Most auditions consist of two arias or an initial aria and a portion of a second. Some sing more. However, it is not uncommon for artists to be hired after singing only one aria so there is no formula to success based on number of arias performed in any audition. The NYIOP Live Streamed Auditions wil finction just like a standard in-person audition, with the panel choosing what they wish to hear via live chat. The NYIOP Zoom Auditions will be scheduled in 10-minute intervlas and we will stay strictly to that time schedule. Auditions that go longer will be cut off.

What if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel for any reason, here is the CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY NYIOP Virtual Zoom auditions are not refundable for any reason once registration is confirmed. If you need to cancel, you can move your Zoom audition to amny other date offered (as space is avbailable) and that credit remains to the end of the current season only. If myou need to cancel a NYIOP Live Streamed Audition for any reason, you will receive a refund of only $100. This policy is in place from the moment of registration.

What if I get sick?

If you get sick and need to cancel at any time, here is the CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY NYIOP Virtual Zoom auditions are not refundable for any reason once registration is confirmed. If you need to cancel, you can move your Zoom audition to amny other date offered (as space is avbailable) and that credit remains to the end of the current season only. If myou need to cancel a NYIOP Live Streamed Audition for any reason, you will receive a refund of only $100. This policy is in place from the moment of registration.

After the Audition

How do I follow up with the representatives present at my audition?

Within three business days of the end of each session, we will email a contact list to each participant of the session which will have the theaters represented in that session and the specific person who represented that theater.

Does NYIOP provide feedback from my audition?

In some cases, we offer the possibility to speak with a NYIOP representative for a brief 10-minute feedback session where we share our impressions of your audition combined with the impressions gathered in the room from the panel present. However, we do not gather nor share any specific feedback from the casting personnel present with the artists who audition. In the cases where we offer these short feedback sessions, we ask a small fee for our time.

What do I write to follow up with the representatives that heard me?

Once you receive the contact list for the session where you sang, you can use this list to contact the representatives present and ask their feedback from your audition. However, the decision to share feedback or reply to your request remains solely at the discretion of those attending and NYIOP makes no promise that you will receive feedback from your audition. The representatives present are casting professionals not teachers or coaches and usually the only feedback they offer is a contract offer or none. Additionally, the concept of feedback for most of them is not what is usually expected by artists.

What to expect after my audition?

In most cases, some artists will be contacted quickly for immediately needs and some artists will be contacted after some time when they are needed in the future. In one case, we know of an artist that was engaged as a result of a NYIOP auditions that took place two years before the contract offer. Hearing nothing does not mean you are not in consideration for future roles.

What is the process after I have sung and the auditions are over?

The best practice to follow is to contact the theaters present and then follow-up at reasonable periods into the future – no more than once each few weeks is best – and sometimes the representatives will send you their feedback. Sometimes they do not reply at all. However, a respectful follow-up email is never a problem with anyone.

How and when are refunds processed?

All refunds are processed within 10 business days of the end of each session in the same mode of payment you presented.

Can I sing again in other sessions?

Yes. All singers who apply are heard from each session. Having sung in the past has no bearing on whether you can sing again.

General Information

Does NYIOP offer master classes?

Yes, we offer group sessions and masterclasses. If you are interested, you can email and inquire about possibilities.

Do the staff of NYIOP offer private coaching/preparation sessions?

Yes, all members of NYIOP are available for private sessions as time permits. If you are interested, please email and inquire.

How do I find out what other projects you do?

You can join our Mailing List HERE and we will send out detailed information about each upcoming session and other opportunities when we can. We do not sell our mailing list.

Can I request a casting audition session near me?

Sure! If you don’t see a session coming near you and you think there is a good singer community near you, just write us at and we will try to schedule something near your area.

Other questions not covered in these FAQs?

If you have any other questions not covered here, please email us at and we will help in any way we can.

Does NYIOP provide a pianist or do I need to bring my own?

NYIOP does not cover the cost for the pianist. In each session we try to find a local pianist who is at the highest level. In most cases, NYC not included, we will have someone there available to play all auditions but usually this is at an additional cost of between $25-35 in cash to the pianist. When we have someone there, they tell us their conditions for being available for the entire period and we simply pass that on to the signers and collect the fees to give directly to the pianist. NYIOP does not take any part of the fees requested by the pianists. You are always welcome to bring your own pianist but in some cases the provided pianist asks to be paid per singer anyway. The NYIOP Zoom Auditions can be performed either with a piano playback track (it is possible to have one custom made as an add-on during the registration process), acapella singing or with a live pianist if you have access to perform with a pianist in your locale. The NYIOP Live Streamed Auditions will be performed with a NYIOP-provided pianist. It is NOT possible to bring your own due to health and movement restrictions. This is not flexible.

NYIOP Virtual Audition Questions