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Live Stream

Fully LIVE Audition Experience on stage from Major International

City Centers – travel to sing in one city, but be heard across the world!

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New York
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  • Attendees

    Attended in REAL TIME by minimum 8-10 international casting and industry professionals PLUS possibly many more

  • High-Definition

       Live Streamed via HD video and

    audio using the highest

    international standards

  • Contracts

    Opportunity to be considered

    for actual contracts for

    future seasons

  • Availability

    Online for professional viewing

    after the LIVE stream and  listed in the NYIOP database.

  • Exclusivity

    Limited number of spaces for

    each city and date

  • COVID Safety

    Socially distanced and fully compliant

    with each local health authority

    guidelines for safety

  • Accompanist

    Completely collaborative music-making with NYIOP pianist on site

  • Materials

    Attendees given your

    professional materials via PDF

Benefits of a Live Stream



“Прослушивания NYIOP дают возможность молодым певцам начать международную оперную карьеру. Я очень счастлива, что благодаря Дэвиду Блекберну и прослушиваниям я получила контракт с одним из лучших европейских оперных театров, в котором начну работать уже в сентябре этого года.”​


“The return on my investment over the years has been huge. I personally have been hired more than 6 times from extremely good theaters through out Europe, China, and the USA. ” 


“I am very grateful to NYIOP and personally to David Blackburn. Some years ago, when I was a just starting my career, I received a number of important contracts after auditioning at NYIOP and so did several friends of mine. Therefore I strongly recommend any young singer to take part in these auditions.”

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