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Live Stream

Fully LIVE Audition Experience on stage from Major International

City Centers – travel to sing in one city, but be heard across the world!

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30 June 2021

The center of Europe broadcast to the entire world!

NYC Skyline BW
New York

8-9 April 2021
From the Big Apple you can touch the heart of Europe!

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4 June 2021

Sing LIVE in London to be cast in ANYWHERE in the world!

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1 June 2021

LIVE from the City of Music,

 contracts for future seasons!

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Dates - TBA

Be discovered by the world LIVE from Shanghai and Beijing!

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Coming Soon

Other major city centers
are in plans for the
future, stay tuned!

Benefits of a Live Stream



“Прослушивания NYIOP дают возможность молодым певцам начать международную оперную карьеру. Я очень счастлива, что благодаря Дэвиду Блекберну и прослушиваниям я получила контракт с одним из лучших европейских оперных театров, в котором начну работать уже в сентябре этого года.”​



“The return on my investment over the years has been huge. I personally have been hired more than 6 times from extremely good theaters through out Europe, China, and the USA. ” 

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“I am very grateful to NYIOP and personally to David Blackburn. Some years ago, when I was a just starting my career, I received a number of important contracts after auditioning at NYIOP and so did several friends of mine. Therefore I strongly recommend any young singer to take part in these auditions.”

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