Alternate Payment Options

The default payment option for the Online Scheduling System is PayPal.  

However, for those who wish to make payment by other means we have several options.  These include Venmo, Bitcoin and Bank Transfer.

If you wish to pay for your audition opportunity via another means than the Online Scheduling System, you must follow this process:

1. Make Payment via one of the links below.  Make sue to include your name on any notes field in the payment.

2. Forward a copy of your payment receipt to us at

3. Make sure to include the Audition City, Audition Date and Time you wish to sing.

4. Once received, we will schedule you directly on the system and send you a confirmation.

Paying with Venmo

Follow the link below to or use the app on your mobile phone.  Send the Fee Amount for your requested session to:

Paying via Bank Transfer

If you wish to make a Bank Transfer within the EU for any NYIOP session, you can send the fee, NET of any bank fees, in EUROS, to:

Account Name: David Blackburn

Bank Name: CheBanca

Account # 71304375

IBAN: IT85A0305801604100571304275


Address: Viale Luigi Bodio 37, 20158 Milano

Please Include Singer Name in Notes Field

Paying with Bitcoin

Simply click the link below and enter your information to be taken to a QR code where you can make the payment.  The button is valid to pay for a USA session in USD.  If you wish to use Bitcoin to pay for any session outside of the USA, please just write us and we can send you a QR code.