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in order to identify artists for future seasons, each producer has the same needs during this period: To hear artists in a way you can Trust and for artists to be able to present themselves best for future seasons. In NYIOP's Virtual Auditions, we have

found the solution.


For almost 20 years, NYIOP and its Founder, David Blackburn, has redefined how the opera industry auditions artists, having generated interest in thousands of singers.  With the NYIOP Virtual Auditions for 2020 we have again set the Industry Standard for how the opera business will hear artists worldwide, guaranteeing quality and reliability to decide your needs based on our auditions. 

Listen to David's message about the NYIOP Virtual experience. 

How can NYIOP 3.0 solve your problem?

• Hear artists in a way you can trust - that what you hear and see are what exists at that moment - LIVE in REAL TIME • Rely upon the highest quality audio/video via an UNBIASED platform that allows you to judge fairly and select the artists you wish to follow • Standardized presentation platform that you CAN TRUST and offers truly professional presentations that are built to help you plan future seasons • Possibility to REQUEST artists via management and know you will hear them in a trusted format • Protections of your privacy in regards to Live Chat interactions • Offers the possibility to view the artists’ auditions again over future weeks and months

NYIOP LIVE Stream Specs

• High Def video and audio streaming worldwide to casting professionals
• Artistic interaction with an on-site pianist
• List of producers who plan to view live stream as well as those who view it after the actual event
• Agent can be on stream during their artists’ auditions
• Blocks of time for agencies can be arranged
• Live chat interaction to allow for audition flow with choice for second arias
• Fully compliant to all local health regulations for safety of artists on-site and for all involved
• Fees kept low to allow professional presentation during this time - only $250 for LIVE Stream auditions including fee for pianist
• VERY limited number of artists due to health regulations - max of 34 per day
• Artists submitted via management given priority for scheduling

What is The NYIOP Virtual Standard?

• Professional High-end equipment and settings will be used at all Live Stream events worldwide. •The Setup in the venue will be consistent across all locations for continuity of audio/video

NYIOP Live Stream Promise

1. The Live Streaming presentations are available for unlimited numbers of viewers 2. You can attend all of the presentations as you wish 3. Each of the presentations will be shown via a Live Stream page from the NYIOP website - all you need to take part is a password for the streaming home page 4. If you join for the live presentation or wish to view the presentation during the two week online period after the live date, simply write and we will send you the link and password for the page. 5. During the LIVE presentation, someone from NYIOP will be online to manage the live chat and any repertoire requests or questions that come up at that time. 6. You will not be visible online in a specific way during live presentations but can interact with your colleagues via chat that is visible to all but NOT public in any way. 7. The Chat will not viewable after the LIVE presentation.

Benefits of a Live Stream

Berlin - 15 September 2020 

New York City - 8 October 2020 

London - 12 November 2020 

Vienna - 24 November 2020  

Other cities in planning for Fall 2020: Tel Aviv, Beijing/Shanghai, Santiago Chile

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