2nd Agency Zoom

Fully LIVE Audition Experience from anywhere in the world via Zoom on 29 - 30 March 2021


2nd Agency Zoom Auditions 

29 - 30 March 2021

9:00-15:30 NYC  (15:00-21:30 EU)

After the success of our first Agency Zoom Auditions in October 2020, we are again putting together a group of International Artist Managers that are actively seeking artists to add to their roster. Many of the agencies have found themselves separated from markets due to travel bans and are looking for artists in certain geographic regions to help continue work in those theaters.

Each artist that sings will receive a brief document about how to best prepare themselves, their space and the sound for their Zoom audition. Additionally, each artist who sings will receive a 10 minute feedback session from NYIOP on days following the audition.

Here is the list of agencies that took part in Fall 2020 for reference.  The complete list of confirmed agencies for March 2021 will be posted here as confirmed.

*Marcus Carl Opernagentur, Wiesbaden

*Piper Artists, NYC - Mitchell Piper, Filippo Anselmi

*Christopher Carroll Artists Management, UK

*James Black Management, UK

*Ken Benson Artists, NYC

*Bel Canto Global Arts, MN - Brian Jauhainen

*Impresario Art, Luxembourg - Natalia Neumann

*Encompass Arts, NYC - Kathy Olsen, Sandra Hormozi

*Premiere Artists Management, NYC - Eric Margiore

*Robert Gilder & Co., UK - Robert Gilder, Sam Krum

*Melos Opera, Bologna - Markus Laska

*Guy Barzilay Artists, NYC 

*Opera Vladarski, Vienna - Walter Vladarski 

*Randsman Artists Management, NYC - Peter Randsman 

*L2 Artists, NYC - Jeffrey Larson, Aaron Grant

*Daniel Wolfsbauer Artists, Vienna

*Studio Cogliolo, Rome - Ornella Cogliolo

*Rayfield Allied, UK - Christoph Mayr

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Image by Jordan Whitfield


Online for professional viewing for

2 weeks after the Virtual Audition and

archived after that time


Sing with playback, live pianist or even acapella – your choice.


Opportunity to be considered

for actual contracts for

future seasons


Registration is First-Come, First Served

10 minute time slots for everyone


Jury of 4-6 International Casting and

Industry Professionals online, looking to offer contracts and discover new artists


    Copy of audition video available

upon request

Benefits of a Zoom Audition



“Прослушивания NYIOP дают возможность молодым певцам начать международную оперную карьеру. Я очень счастлива, что благодаря Дэвиду Блекберну и прослушиваниям я получила контракт с одним из лучших европейских оперных театров, в котором начну работать уже в сентябре этого года.”​


“The return on my investment over the years has been huge. I personally have been hired more than 6 times from extremely good theaters through out Europe, China, and the USA. ” 


“I am very grateful to NYIOP and personally to David Blackburn. When I was  just starting my career, I received a number of important contracts after auditioning at NYIOP and so did several friends of mine. Therefore I strongly recommend any young singer to take part in these auditions.”

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