In 2018 we discovered over 35 amazing artists via this revolutionary project - MANY of them sang live in auditions and received offers!  This year it might be YOU!

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A Worldwide Search to Discover Talent!


in NYIOP’s SECOND Worldwide Talent Search 2019

Virtual International Opera Talent Search 2019


Celebrating our 18th season for 2019-2010, NYIOP is CONTINUING this NEW initiative for a second year!. 


Since 2002, we have travelled the entire world searching for new talent, have heard over 30,000 auditions and have given thousands of aspiring and established opera singers the chance to present themselves to a panel of international casting directors. 


However, we know there are MANY MORE amazing talents that we have NOT heard, who simply haven’t had the opportunity to be discovered yet - now we are looking to find them, to find YOU. 


All you have to do is send us your video and you might get the chance to present yourself live for NO FEE, at any of our auditions this season, anywhere in the world. You could also have your hotel paid for, the night before you sing.


Registration is already open - just scroll below - , and it is 100% online - you don’t have to travel anywhere to be discovered!


It is as Easy as Following the Steps Below...


Your Registration and Online Submission:

  • You register online and either upload a video or give us a link to a video of you via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or VK - or any other video hosting platforms

  • This online registration is EXTENDED to 25 August 2018 - FOUR WEEKS only! 

  • The registration has a USD75 application fee that must be paid upon registration.

  • Even if you are not selected for the free sessions, everyone who registers will receive a $50 credit toward any session during the 2019-20 audition season!



The Selection Process:

  • We review the video and EVERY SINGLE SUBMISSION receives a personal written impression and opinions about their singing from NYIOP -
    we will let you know about your potential even if you are not selected!

  • We choose up to 50 videos to pass on to the next round, where a panel of THREE international professionals will listen to the potential of the submissions - this happens between 16-31 of August. 
    (The panel is comprised of general and casting directors of major opera companies and festivals.)

  • The panel will choose up to 20 WINNERS who will be given a FREE LIVE AUDITION at any of NYIOP’s project locations during the 2019-20 season - you come to sing and PAY NO FEE at all! We will additionally cover ONE HOTEL NIGHT for each winner, so you can feel calm and ready on the day of your audition!

  • The winners will be announced in the first week of September - in time for the 2019-20 NYIOP Season launch in Vienna, Austria with our THIURD Agency Auditions on 3-5 October!


What does Your Video have to Be?

  • Your video can be ANYTHING that shows you singing operatically. 

  • It does NOT have to be professionally made - though it certainly can be a professional demo.  We will also accept a live video of a performance, a short video made with a pianist, or simply a selfie video that you make yourself. Simply ANYTHING that you feel shows how well you can sing!. 

  • The only RULE is that it must be no more than 18 months old. 

  • The only age limit is you must be at least 18 years old to send a video but there are NO geographic limits,
    NO repertoire limits, NO OTHER LIMITS AT ALL on finding YOU!



NYIOP has always believed that ANYONE should have a chance to present themselves.


This is how we have already discovered many of

today’s most exciting opera performers.  



Send us your video now.

You just might get to sing for real casting directors LIVE,

and launch your opera career this season!

Register Now Below
FAQs regarding THIS Project

If chosen as a Winner, travel costs (airfare, train fare, car costs etc) to the NYIOP Casting Audition of your choice are NOT paid.  NYIOP will provide ONE night in a local hotel of NYIOP's choosing for the Winner.  Any applicable fee for a NYIOP-provided pianist WILL be covered by NYIOP.