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Our Active Projects of the 2019-20 Season are Listed Below - Our 18th Season!

Our Mission is YOU

We Discover new artists and markets across the entire world, we Inform artists and agencies of current casting needs and trends as well as best practices for preparation, we Connect the international operatic world with ongoing casting projects and helping to identify specific needs and we Innovate constantly by encompassing the entire artistic process into one company - NYIOP.

Announcing the 2019-20 Season! - THE Opera Scouts continue in our 18th Season
London Casting Auditions

3 - 5 February 2020

We return to London for our annual Casting Auditions where we bring a group of international theaters to the center of Regent Street to hear you and OFFER CONTRACTS!!

Online Registration is Already OPEN NOW!

Karlsruhe Baroque Casting Auditions

21 - 22 February 2020

This will be our THIRD annual Baroque-Specific Casting Auditions in Karlsruhe - we will bring a group of theaters and festivals looking for artists who offer Baroque and Early Music!

Online Registration is Already OPEN NOW!

NYC Casting Auditions

2 - 4 April 2020


Following up on an amazing NYC Competition and Casting Audition combination - NYIOP returns to NYC for our Spring Casting Auditions with an AMAZING list of international theaters PLUS other professional activities associated!

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Some NYIOP Success Stories


“The return on my investment over the years has been huge. I personally have been hired more than 6 times from extremely good theaters through out Europe, China, and the USA. ” 


What is a NYIOP Casting Audition?

We open the door for you and give you this amazing opportunity to present yourself.

A NYIOP Casting Audition functions like any other professional audition - the difference is we bring together the panel of professionals and organize the audition seamlessly so that you only have to focus on singing well.

In the audition, you sing your chosen first aria and the panel chooses anything else they wish to hear.  After the audition, they contact you or your representative about any potential contract offers.

Each NYIOP Casting Audition Project brings together a group of casting personnel from multiples theaters or a group of targeted industry professionals to hear the participants.  Each participant sings for the entire panel.  After the audition, each participant receives a list of those who were present in order to follow-up.  NYIOP is NOT a competition, nor an agency - NYIOP auditions are actual professional casting auditions.  The prizes are contracts given for professional work and any negotiation with theaters is done solely by the participant or their representatives.  We do not ask a commission on any work received - we create the chance to present yourself and you do the rest..

Advantages of Singing a NYIOP Casting Audition

NYIOP Casting Audition​s Offer:


  • Efficiency - affordably and realistically prices, artists save thousands off the cost of travel and hotel expenses of a conventional audition tour or single one-off auditions, not to mention the time saved;

  • Inclusivity - unmanaged artists as well as managed artists are both welcome and audition spaces are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.  There is no preferential treatment.

  • Exposure - you will be heard by some of the most influential casting personnel in the world today in one place at one time.

  • Accessibility - once you have registered  you are guaranteed to be heard by the entire panel in attendance.There is NO prescreening or vetting for the NYIOP Auditions.

  • Opportunity - NYIOP has been responsible for launching  the international careers of countless singers over our 15 years in the business, many of whom had no management, whatsoever. Many singers have found management as a result of our sessions, as well.

  • Employment - Take a moment to go to our NYIOP Facebook Page to see just some of the many engagements (more are under current negotiation) from the recent sessions alone and to read some of the glowing reviews from fellow singers.

  • Reliable Casting Information - all roles being cast or being considered for future seasons will be posted on the specific page for each session as the information comes available.

Statistics from Recent Casting Sessions



...and More to Come!

12 Contracts Offered so Far

That is 1 for every 14 singers,

or ONE every two hours.

To Open the 2019-20 Season, our 2nd 100%VIRTUAL initiative to 

Discover Hidden Talent from All over the World!

NYIOP Worldwide Opera Talent Hunt Logo 2

YOU DESERVE TO BE DISCOVERED and NYIOP makes that possible.

Some Recent Reviews by Singers

I would recommend NYIOP to anyone looking for the golden standard of opera singing. The folks at NYIOP are a wealth of knowledge.  Their ability to direct  singers future and help them prepare the appropriate repertoire in uncanny! I would recommend this company to anyone looking to sing at their full potential.

I really recommend the NYIOP Auditions.  At first, I was insecure because of a few bad reviews on Facebook.But the auditions were highly professional  and very well organized. People actually get hired! And you get the opportunity to sing for companies you might not be able to audition for. You can get a very detailed and constructive feedback, if you like. They had a great accompanist in London too.

Una gran experiencia que recomiendo ampliamente a mis colegas por muchos razones, se aprende, y se tiene la oportunidad de mostrar tu trabajo a varias  casas de ópera al mismo tiempo, es una gran iniciativa!

NYIOP is a great opportunity for singers of this generation! Frankly, it is getting harder and harder  to get an opportunity to sing for this level of crowds (Major opera casting personnel) and if you don't have a connection or  know the right person...with NYIOP you get to sing for 5-10 companies from all over the world...for me, there was no way to get an opportunity to audition for these people in my lifetime...

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